Mud Drill Rigs from Venture Drilling Supply

Mud drill rigs are available now from Venture Drilling Supply for purchase and rental. Our mud drill rig selection is available in some new and used assortments. All of our mud drill rigs come with our limited lifetime warranty. If you need repairs, servicing, or training on your mud drill rig, you can always call Venture Drilling Supply for assistance.

Why Use Mud Drill Rigs

Mud Drill RigsMud Drill Rigs or fluid drill rigs use drilling fluids to assist the drilling of boreholds from oil and gas drilling to water well drilling. The main purpose of using a mud drill rig to drill for oil, gas, or water is to provide hydrostatic pressure. The pressure prevents debris and particulates from interfering with the mud drilling process. The drilling mud or drilling fluids keep the drill bit cool and clean as well as carry out drill cuttings. The mud rill rig’s drilling fluid also suspends drill cuttings while drilling is stopped or when the drill assembly is put in or taken out of the drill hole.

Types of Drilling Fluids for Mud Drill Rigs

  • Air (compressed air)
  • Air / Water Mix
  • Air / Polmer Mix
  • Water Water Based Mud
  • Oil Based Mud
  • Synthetic Based Mud

How Mud Drills Work

On a mud drill rig, the chosen drilling fluid or “mud” is pumped out of nozzles on the drill bit cleaning and cooling the drill bit as it cuts. The pressure from the spinning mud drill rig creates a current, of sorts, that carries the debris and cuttings up the bore hole as to not interfere with the cutting.

Order Your Mud Drill Rig Today!

For more information about a particular mud drill rig or information about any other drilling rig from Venture Drilling Supply, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 888.45DRILL (888.453.7455) or email us at info@usedrigs.com.


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