Mud Pump Drill Rigs from Venture Drilling Supply

Venture Drilling Supply offers mud pump drill rigs from an assortment of brands as well as different makes and models. Mud drill rigs circulate drilling fluid under high pressure from the fluid end of the mud pump and at the other end is the power where the motor is running. These two areas, the fluid end and the power end make up a mud pump drill rig's two main sub assemblies.

Venture Drilling Supply carries the American 750 Duplex mud pump and the 1000 horsepower EWCO mud pump available for you to own or rent.

At the rate these mud pumps operate there are high-wear parts, which in most modern mud pumps can be replaced quickly when needed. We carry the main replacement parts for mud pumps and can order parts when needed. You have the main mud pump housing, pistons, piston rods, suction valve and discharge valve, and more.

Mud pump drilling rigs are classified as single acting or double depending on the suction and drainage action they have in one cycle of the piston's reciprocation. So there are different sizes and configurations of mud pumps that are applicable to different drilling applications.

Mud pumps should be inspected and maintained on a schedule and replace parts that are worn or damaged before they cause a significant problem. An unneccessary stoppage can cost more money than the parts that are needed will. Advanced anti-wear should be followed to keep the operating time to a maximum on a mud pump. Keeping up with the maintenance will keep costs lower on a project so it's a good idea to have your crews and service techs trained and on the proper routine.

We also have several drill rigs available for rental from single day to entire project timelines.

Venture Drilling Supply, LLC. carries different makes and models of drill rigs from:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Bucyrus Erie
  • Caldwell
  • Casagrande
  • Drilltech
  • Failing
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Midway
  • Schramm
  • Sanderson
  • Versa-Drill

Don't hesitate to ask about a particular rig. If we don't have a specific rig in stock, we can find it for you. We also offer replacement drill rig parts for drill rigs along with accessories. Whether you are maintaining or updating or upgrading the cab, lights, hydraulics, motors, cables, winches or any other parts. Ventrure Drilling Supply, LLC. will find you the rig or the parts you are looking for.


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