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Casagrande B125 Foundation Drill
Casagrande B125 Foundation DrillCasagrande B125 Foundation DrillCasagrande B125 Foundation DrillCasagrande B125 Foundation Drill

Casagrande B125 Foundation Drill

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Product Description

Casagrande B125 Foundation Drill

*Drill rig available for purchase

*Drill rig available for rent

Max depth 50 m 164 ft
Max diameter 1500 mm 59 in
Max depth C.F.A. 20 m 65 ft
Max diameter C.F.A. 800 mm 31 in
Engine power 164 kW 220 HP
Width of crawler 2500 ÷ 3700 mm 8.2 ÷ 12.1 ft
Shoes width 600 mm 24 in
Main winch
Line pull 135 kN 30,350 lbs
Auxiliary winch
Line pull 70 kN 15,740 lbs
Crowd - ram
Extraction force 148 kN 33,272 lbs
Crowd force 114 kN 25,630 lbs
Stroke 3800 mm 12,5 ft
Crowd - winch
Extraction force 240 kNm 54,000 lbs
Crowd force 240 kNm 54,000 lbs
Stroke 11000 mm 36 ft
Rotary head
Torque 112 kNm 82,607 lb/ft
Drilling speed 33 rpm 33 rpm
Weight in working condition 36500 kg 80,250 lbs

Venture Drilling Supply provides all drill rig service and drill rig parts during rental period, or after drill rig is purchased

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