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Product Description

This is a shop-built rigwith factory parts, medium depth and casing load (test holes to 1500 ft., casing loads of 60,000 lbs., maximum casing diameter 16") Drill pipe size 3-1/2" 1. Derrick: 52 ft. crown to rotary -Hydraulic raised and lowered- Four leg construction with channel guide for Kelly/swivel retract at top of derrick- crown is sheaved for 4-part line on Kelly and casing drum- 3" stand pipe and Kelly hose. 2. TravelingEquipment: Kelly Block 3 -12" sheaves. Casing block-Johnson. Two 12" sheave crane block with cheek weights and duplex hook -Elevator links 33" x 2-1/4" 3. Drawworks:Twodrumstackeddrumdesignwith18airclutchondrumshaft-Fosterspinning catheadonextrajackshaft onoperator side-8"x24"brakes,16"longdrum,Manufactured by DSM 4. Rotary Table: Midway 12" oil bath rotary with tapered master bushing for drill pipe slipsHydraulic retracts under drawwork s for setting large casing- Shaft drive with 4 speed transmission from Midway 15 power transfer case 5. 6. Prime Mover: 4axle crane carrier with 450 Cummins power 10-speed Fuller transmission. 7. PTO: Spicer 748 oil bath PTO-Shaft drive to power transfer case- Belt drive with clutch on jackshaft to mud pump.8. Power Transfer Case: Midway 1500case, power outlets shaft drive to drawworks,shaft drive to rotary thru-clutch and transmission - Hydraulic oil pump mounted on case - Chain type, enclosed,oilbath lubricated 9. Swivel: Western Rubber 60PG with 3" water course and wash barrel 10. Kelly: 4-1/4" sq. x 40ft. 11. Leveling Jacks: 2 hydraulic at rear, 2 hydraulic behind front axles 12. Tailout Winch: 1hydraulic,by Foster

Additional Items:

Mud Pump: Gardner Denver, new,FYFXD 7-1/2" x 10" pump with 7" liners installed- Pump has rod oiler system installed. A 4" x 3" x 13" centrifugal pump is mounted under deck and belt driven from gear end jackshaft with a 4 to 1ratio. The pump has inlet manifold piping with strainer basket clean-out mounted under deck- Discharge piping with surge chambers and vibrator hoses mounted on deck.  Additional $50,000



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